STEM resources for parents

Hi, I’m Henrique Monnerat – Designer, Makerspace Educator, and Dad.

Welcome to Designoteca, a website a website filled with STEM resources for parents that want to engage their kids in creative learning at home. As a busy father to a curious young girl, I understand the importance of nurturing creativity and technical skills in our children right at home. But I also recognize how challenging it can be to engage our kids in meaningful activities, especially when balancing the myriad responsibilities we face as adults. 

My Journey from Teaching to Parenting

My adventure in the realm of creativity began as a product designer. I’ve spent over a decade creating innovative products and technologies across Germany, Holland, and Brazil. I taught product design to graduate students at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro for many years.

But in 2012, something cool happened. After an invitation from my good friend Alex Garcia, who ran the Digital Fabrication and Citizenship program from the City of Guarulhos (Brazil). I started volunteering at that program, teaching kids about digital fabrication, and at that moment, I found my true calling – teaching and sparking a love for creativity and design in young minds.

Since then, I have dedicated my career to Makerspace Education, supporting schools to set up makerspaces and helping kids and teens become confident creators, finding joy in learning through their own innovations and ideas.

Outside the classroom, my biggest and most challenging project has been becoming a parent. My daughter Eva, born in 2020, is a curious and energetic kid from whom I have been learning so much.

My passion for creative technologies and my pursuit of providing the most amazing education for my daughter are reflected in the web pages you will find here.

My wish is to fill Designoteca with articles and resources to empower parents, helping them guide their children in using technology for learning and creating right at home.

STEM Resources for Parents

At Designoteca you will find:

  • Easy-to-implement Projects: Step-by-step guides for DIY STEAM activities you and your children can enjoy at home. These projects blend science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to offer a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Parental Guidance and Tips: Drawing from my experiences as a teacher and a parent, I offer practical advice, product recommendations, and strategies to help you guide your children in their creative and technological explorations.

My vision for Designoteca

I envision this platform as a community where parents like you and I can find inspiration and support in raising creative, technology-savvy children.

I invite you to explore the stem resources for parents page, try some projects with your kids, and share your experiences.

Stay with me on this quest as we explore and discover new ways to ignite the creative spark and problem-solving prowess in our kids.

Let’s make learning at home an adventure filled with creativity and joy. All while keeping it simple and stress-free for us busy parents.

With warm regards,

Henrique Monnerat