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Many parents ask me what tools and activities can keep my students engaged, safe, and learning in this tech-savvy world?

So I’ve crafted this page for families to access resources that perfectly blend education, at-home creativity, and tech guidance for kids.

This is a constantly evolving, bookmark-worthy guide to the best STEM resources for kids ages 3-14.

While there are countless options in the wide world of the internet, what you’ll find here in this STEM resource list are my favorites. They’re the tools, toys, books, educational apps and home organization products that make at-home learning fun and keep our kids safe and inspired. Dive in and discover what works for your family’s STEM adventure.

STEM Resource List for Parents
📢 Important Disclosure: Please Read Before Proceeding

Some of the resources listed here in this STEM resource list are entirely free. Many aren’t, and some contain affiliate links. That means if you use them, I’ll get a small commission — though there is no extra cost to you. I recommend these resources because they’re the same ones I turn to for my own family, and many times, I even use them in the makerspace classroom with my students.

Designing and Making

The Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards

Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards

Dyson Challenge Cards are a super cool PDF that comes with 40 fun and tricky engineering challenges for kids to solve at home, using only recycled materials. I love using these cards because they’re packed with interesting STEM problems that make kids think, they’re great for learning about building and engineering, and they really help them work together to find solutions. Whenever I want to spice up my class with some hands-on activities, I take one of these challenge cards and use it to plan a lesson around it. Whether in the classroom or at how, the challenges provide amazing opportunities to get kids building, creating, and solving problems like real engineers.

TinkerCAD logo


TinkerCAD is a great online tool where kids can design and build their own 3D creations, like buildings, vehicles, characters, and all sorts of neat stuff they can come up with. I love using TinkerCAD because it’s really easy to start using, it helps kids learn about 3D design and geometry in a playful way, and you don’t need any special equipment – just a computer and their imagination. In my technology lessons, I use TinkerCAD starting in 4th grade to let my student’s creativity run wild and bring their coolest ideas to life in a digital 3D world.

Coding & Robotics

micro bit Go V2 Starter Bundle

Microbit V2 Bundle

The micro:bit V2 is a tiny, powerful computer that makes learning to code super fun and interactive for kids. I love using the micro:bit because it’s easy for kids to understand, it lets them see their code come to life in cool ways, and it’s perfect for teaching important tech skills in a hands-on manner. In my technology classes, I use the micro:bit to teach coding through the creation of projects that buzz, light up, and move. This little micro-controller makes learning about technology super exciting and real.

Creative Play

MAGNA TILES® Classic 100 Piece Set


The MAGNA-TILES® Classic 100-Piece Set is a fantastic set of magnetic tiles that lets kids build anything they can imagine, from towering castles to futuristic vehicles. I love using these tiles because they encourage open play, which really lets my daughter’s imagination soar; they’re super easy to connect, helping her learn about shapes and space; and they’re just perfect for us to enjoy building amazing creations together. When we play with MAGNA-TILES®, it’s not just about constructing cool structures; it’s about nurturing her creativity and spatial awareness, making our playtime both fun and educational.


Creating Innovators Book Cover

Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World

‘Creating Innovators’ by Tony Wagner is a book all about how kids can learn to be super creative and great at solving problems. I like to use it because it’s full of cool stories, gives really smart tips that are easy to understand, and it helps me think of fun ways to teach. In my classroom, I take ideas from the book to make my school projects really exciting and help students become awesome at inventing and figuring things out!

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